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ISFI September 2009 Report

Better Shelter and Basic Services Support for Urban Poor in Talomo Area

1Davao City is one of the most densely populated cities in the country. Apart from the population growth, the city’s economic opportunities is a magnet to many people who seek better life. With more people in the city, the demand for housing tends to increase exponentially. Not all are fortunate to build their own, decent houses; they are often called informal settlers, making- do of the small spaces such as those considered road- right of way, those in danger zones ( such as near riverbanks) , those in private and government properties.

The Partnership of Philippine Support Service Agencies ( PHILSSA) and the Department for International Development ( DFID) of the United Kingdom are implementing a project called “ Institutionalizing Local and National Partnerships to Address Urban Poverty and Homelessness in the Philippines. One of the initial requirements is the conduct of a city baseline survey as to the profile of the urban poor in key areas of the country such as Davao City. The Institute for Small Farms and Industries ( ISFI) was tapped to undertake the baseline profile. ISFI also worked closely with the San Lorenzo Ruiz Socio- Economic Development Foundation and other offi ces of the Davao City Government to come up with the benchmark information on Davao City’s urban poor, particularly those located in 11 puroks of Brgy. Talomo.

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ISFI August 2009 Report

Collaborative partnerships are rekindled as ISFI returns to Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat for a project funded by the Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation.

2The project , “Strengthening Governance Capacities to Rehabilitate the Mono-Alah Watershed ” was born out of a previous project with the Municipality of Bagumbayan — the formulation of the Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP) funded by the Philippine Environmental Governance (EcoGov) Project – 2. The FLUP identified vulnerable areas and recommended actions to address the municipality ’s diminishing forest cover.

3ISFI zeroed in on Mono-Alah Watershed – Bagumbayan ’s most critical watershed, as it affects the most number of people . During this project ’s development stage, ISFI consulted closely with EcoGov particularly Mr. Mer Olvida and Mr . Edwin Camacho, on how to implement some of the recommendations contained in the FLUP.

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CordAid Visit CVEDS Partners and Beneficiaries

yellowMr. Klaas Atsma, a consultant affiliated with I/C Consult spent three days in Davao City and in Montevista, Davao del Norte to look into the local business development services (BDS) situation and practices. I/C Consult is the joint advisory unit of Netherlands-based Catholic Organization for Relief and International Aid (CordAid) and Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation.cvedcmed

The Craft Village Enterprises Development and Strengthening (CVEDS), which assists a total of 21 micro and small medium enterprises improved their operational efficiency, provided Mr. Atsma a background on how entrepreneurs access support from different business support organizations in the region.

After a briefing on the project Catalysts for Enterprise Development (CED), Mr. Atsma discussed BDS issues with Executive Director Joy E. Cabo and ISFI Enterprise Consultant Norie Towanna. Also in attendance were the six Enterprise Coaches.

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June Report

Food- based CVs Upgrade their GMP Knowledge and Food Packaging Skills
A total of twenty- two ( 22) representatives from ten ( 10) craft villages ( CVs) attended the Good Manufacturing Practices ( GMP)food and Introduction to Food Packaging held last June 17- 18, 2009.
The training was fi lled with lectures/input sessions, interspersed with workshops and exercises. Practical detection of food hazard and demonstration of proper food handling deepened the participants’ appreciation of the GMP.

The second part of the training focused on the basics of packaging, particularly on labeling. Samples of correct labeling were shared to the participants and linked its importance to food safety.

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ISFI Report to the President (May 2009)


Six (6) craft villages, beneficiaries of the Craft 1Village Enterprise Development and Strengthening (CVEDS), a component of the Catalysts for Enterprise Development, have reached the growth level initially planned by the project — such as the positive changes in their marketing and production aspects….

2 Profiles Completed in SMI Host Barangays Survey

3Two (2) barangay profiles have been completed under the household baseline survey in Sagittarius Mines, Inc.’s host communities. These are the Kimlawis and Tablu. By June, the Technical Writing Team will have the three (3) other barangays – Pulabato, Datal Blao and Danlag completed…

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1st Quarter 2009 High Points

CED Marks its 1st year with En.TE.RP.RI.SE.
The project Catalysts for Enterprise CED) marks the completion of its 12 months activities with the release of its Annual Report, a 21-page document detailing the changes, results, realizations and expectations for the next quarter.

The report gave due recognition to the support of the different government agencies and offices that support the Craft Villages – including the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), National Dairy Authority (NDA), Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), Davao Integrated Development Program (DIDP), Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Provincial Government of Davao del Norte, City Cooperative Development Office of Davao City and the Local Council of Women (Samal and San Isidro), among others.

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