August 2017 Report

Farm Support and Extension Services of the Sugarcane Block Farm Project – DAR

Highlights from the Sugarcane Block Farming (SBF) Project Implementation in Region XI, XII and the Negros Island Region

The Institute for Socio Economic Development Initiatives is currently implementing the Sugarcane Block Farming (SBF) Project in three regions, Region XI, XII and the Negros Island Region (NIR). The project aims to introduce better and cost-efficient sugarcane farming practices, improve farm productivities of block farm enrollees and enhance the skills of ARBOs in agricultural entrepreneurship.

Negros Island Region (NIR)

ISEDI, as the service provider for the SBF in the NIR, has continuously monitored the progress of the techno demo and nursery farms that were established.

In Lot 1, the techno demo farms boast of a 90-97% germination rate (GR). In general, the varieties that were planted are growing at a remarkable pace. However, in Calatrava, Negros Occidental, leaf scortch was observed in some of the plants. Their nurseries, on the other hand, report a 60-90% germination rate. The low GR in Nieves Agro Agrarian Reform Cooperative (NAARC)’s 1.4 hectare nursery is attributed to the rainy weather conditions during planting.

The accomplishments per individual ARBO are as follows:

Codcod Agrarian Reform Community Cooperative (CARCC) completed the drainage canal for their techno demo farm on August 7. For their nursery farms, off-barring, 1st and 2nd fertilization using inorganic fertilizers, side dressing of organic fertilizers (OF), and replanting were also done in August.

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