June Report 2017

Sugarcane Block Farming

Updates from the Sugar Block Farming (SBF) Project Implementation i n Region XI, XII and the Negros Island Region

The implementation of the SBF Projects in Regions XI, XII, and the Negros Island Region (NIR) is progressing at steady pace with a few minor setbacks in some areas.


Region XI’s SBF implementation for this month mostly revolved in capacitating our farmer beneficiaries. Last June 13-14, 2017, ISEDI-AdDU as the service provider facilitated the conduct of Farm Planning and Budgeting with the targeted Agrarian Reform Beneficiary (ARB) farmer cooperators of the two (2) assisted ARBOs. PARBUF had seventeen (17) participants on June 13, while COBARBMECO had twenty (20) the following day. The objectives of the activity  were: 1) to prepare the ARB farmer cooperators enrolled in SBF for an advance planning on their own farm land in planting the sugarcane crop ; and: 2) to provide ample time in accessing and or acquiring additional capital for the establishment of their individual sugarcane farm.  Sugarcane planting material or “lacsas” of high yielding varieties will be provided from the established nurseries of the project during cutback time scheduled by November and December of this year.

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