March 2015 Report

123Mindanao Productivity for Agriculture Commerce and Trade Baseline Study Presentation

ISEDI team submitted the MinPACT Baseline Study report after the survey was completed in February 2015. On March 18, 2015, Ms. Deanna Bandayanon, economist and  study Team Leader presented the result of the Baseline Survey to the representatives of ACDI/VOCA,a US-based non-governmental organization, and  to the representatives of United States Department of Agriculture.

The MinPACT project collaboration between ISEDI and ACDI/VOCA was concluded with the presentation of the highlights of the study to the Mindanao Stakeholders.

1234Geographic Information System (GIS) Training

The Tropical Institute for Climate Studies (TropICS) of Ateneo de Davao University organized a training on Basic Geographical Information System (GIS) on March 9 to 14, 2015 at Ateneo de Davao University Conference Room. For the said training, three ISEDI staff – Krizza Mahinay, Dale Canezal and Carl Mariano – participated the activity along with other participants from other organizations such as Kapwa Foundation, Philippine Eagle Foundation, DOLE Philippines, and Foundation for the Philippine Environment.

Department of Agrarian Reform: ARCCESS BDS Project

12345Region 9   For the final month of ARCCESS BDS project implementation in Region 9, the ISEDI local staff presented during the General Assembly…

Region 10 ISEDI staff conducted a Business Plan review to the Cabanglasan Networking Community Association Board of Directors and representatives of the ten memberARBOs
last March 11, 2015….

Region 12  ARBOs under the BDS Project in Region 12 were assisted by ISEDI staff in establishing market linkages. ISEDI team also facilitated the expansion of the ARBOs enterprises….


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    Nice and informative post. I am entering my final year at university and your write up has come in useful indeed. It is good to see that people take time out to create posts such as this, but some of the replies are somewhat disappointing. Thanks, Steve

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      Sir, Good Day. Sorry for the Late reply, because we never look up of the comments most often because we are so busy with our project implementation. I you would like to contact us you can call us at 082 227 30 91 Philippines. Thank you and God Speed.


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