August 2014 Report

DAR ARCCESS PROJECTS: Business Development Service and Progress and Process Monitoring

UntitledrrrrrThe Department Agrarian Reform has created a program which seeks to improve the conditions of farmers and their families. Under this program, different service providers, will administer Business Development Service (BDS) wherein trainings, mentoring and coaching on Organization Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management and Production and Technical are conducted, and Agricultural Technology and Extension Service (AES) wherein new agri-technological knowledge

Balik-Uma: Sustainable Agriculture and Rainforestation Project Phase 2

Beneficiaries of the project are continuously being taught with farm management and development. For instance, coaching and mentoring activities were undertaken wherein farmers learned about organic foliar fertilizer, mushroom growing, and corn breeding. Hands-on application specifically on the spraying of organic foliar fertilizer to crops was done.
Aside from the trainings, greenhouses were already built in 3 areas. For the other two areas, greenhouse construction is still underway. These greenhouses will house seedlings for germination and breeding and after they will be planted in the community farms.

As manifested by several successful activities conducted, the Balik Uma project is progressing satisfactorily.


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