November 2013 Report

Community Extension Activities

Untitled• ISEDI is a host once again to AdDU 4 Marketing Students and AIESEC exchange student from Sri Lanka for their practicum. An orientation and expectation setting activities have already been conducted for both groups.

• The ADDU Students were brought to Tibungco for their community exposure with ISEDI assisted community –SMSNAI. Prior to the students’ community exposure, a coordination activity was conducted by ISEDI with the officers of SMSNAI.

Baseline Studies under the AusAID-WB Technical Assistance Grant to MRDP 2

ISEDI revised the final report based on MRDP comments and recommendation comprising of the four (4) components of MRDP-2 namely: Rural Infrastructure (RI), Community Fund for Agricultural Development (CFAD); and, Natural Resources Management (NRM). The fourth component, Investment for Governance Reform (IGR) is expected to integrate the results of these baseline studies as one of the bases for the continuous enhancement …

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  1. Tel U

    How will AdDU 4 Marketing Students and AIESEC exchange student contribute to the mission of ISEDI during their practicum?


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