September 2013 Report


DSCF2987Improving Access to Water

The Sitios Letter V and S4/Bermuda in Compostela, Compostela Valley will finally have safe source of drinking water. After identifying a source of water and computing the distance  here most of the households are concentrated, the people in Letter V and S4/Bermuda did a “bayanihan”, helped the Project Officers of Balik Uma, in carrying the water hoses and other materials. They also assisted in hose-line installation, setting of the intake box, and fitting of the coupling and reducer. The task was completed in 9 days, from September 5 to 13, 2013. Now, about175 households and other 250 individuals have accessed to safe drinking water, relieving women girls and children of the responsibility of fetching water from distant and unsafe sources.

DSC00128Improving Farm Practices  

Household in the project sites are starting to see the fruits of their own hard work, the corn and vegetables are growing well. The farmers and their household members are also learning new farming techniques that will maximize the fertility of the soil and prevent erosion.


SMSNAI ISEDI attended and witnessed the committee meeting held at the officeof the committee chair on City Housing, Davao City last September 27, 2013. It was discussed and clarified in the meeting -the status of the replacers including the role of the association (SMSNAI) in the identification and consideration of replacers.


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