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October 2014 Report

DAR ARCCESS: Business Development Services


UntitleddarRegion 9
Already in its seventh month of project implementation, ISEDI field staffs are currently doing updating and coordination meetings with DAR Region 9 ARCCESS point persons to discuss the progress of the coaching and mentoring sessions and possible market linkage conceived by the ARBOs. Likewise, schedule of activities for the following months was presented to DAR IX and to the ARBOs’ members. Before the last week of the month, the ISEDI project coordinator visited the areas to tackle BDS issues and concerns and possible resolution to the problems.

Region 10
The DAR BDS project in Cabanglasan, Bukidnon has commenced right after the contract signing cum courtesy call in DAR Bukidnon Provincial Office.

Region 12
Several coaching and mentoring sessions for the ARBOs in the region have already been administered. The data collected at this stage will be compiled for the interim report to be submitted next month.

Since the Inception Report for the BDS project in Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao was already approved by DAR ARMM, the ISEDI is now preparing for the Direction Setting activity that is going to be conducted next month. In the direction setting, the ISEDI team will be presenting the planned calendar of activities which will be agreed upon by the ARBOs involved. Moreover, the roles of the people involved will be clarified in the said activity.

DAR ARCCESS: Progress and Process Monitoring


Untitleddar1Region 7
ISEDI – ADDU was recently given the notice to proceed by DAR 7. With the go signal given, the team proceeded in doing a strategic meeting wherein the methods on how to carry out the progress and process monitoring were tackled with Sir Jun Bojos who is the field team leader for this project. Possible issues and concerns and how to handle them were also discussed. After the meeting, the ISEDI PPM people who are in-charge of the project will be visiting the areas (Siquijor and Negros Oriental) to survey /assess the situation. Their preliminary findings will be included in the inception report.

Region 11
DAR Region XI point persons, together with the Agri-Technology Extension and Progress and Process Monitoring service providers – BABAS and DOSE respectively – ended PPM batch 1 with a Wrap Up activity last October 2 and 3. The highlight of the event was the presentation of the accomplishments of the service providers. After, the DAR ARCCESS heads gave their positive remarks regarding the overall implementation of the project.


August 2014 Report

DAR ARCCESS PROJECTS: Business Development Service and Progress and Process Monitoring

UntitledrrrrrThe Department Agrarian Reform has created a program which seeks to improve the conditions of farmers and their families. Under this program, different service providers, will administer Business Development Service (BDS) wherein trainings, mentoring and coaching on Organization Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management and Production and Technical are conducted, and Agricultural Technology and Extension Service (AES) wherein new agri-technological knowledge

Balik-Uma: Sustainable Agriculture and Rainforestation Project Phase 2

Beneficiaries of the project are continuously being taught with farm management and development. For instance, coaching and mentoring activities were undertaken wherein farmers learned about organic foliar fertilizer, mushroom growing, and corn breeding. Hands-on application specifically on the spraying of organic foliar fertilizer to crops was done.
Aside from the trainings, greenhouses were already built in 3 areas. For the other two areas, greenhouse construction is still underway. These greenhouses will house seedlings for germination and breeding and after they will be planted in the community farms.

As manifested by several successful activities conducted, the Balik Uma project is progressing satisfactorily.


July Report 2014

ISEDI leads the Assessment and Sustainability Planning for ARBO-Beneficiaries of DAR-ARCCESS

afsdfsfsfsafdWith less than a quarter to go prior to the end-of engagement of ISEDI as Process and Progress Monitoring (PPM) service provider of Department of Agrarian Reform – Agrarian Reform Community Connectivity and Economic Support Services (ARCCESS) Project, A week long assessment and sustainability planning as held in Davao City from July 7 – 11.

The activity gathered the key DAR – ARCCESS point persons at the regional and provincial levels and the representatives of Lead Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organizations (ARBOs), Babas Foundation, Development Options and Social Entrepreneurship, Sugar Regulatory Administration and ISEDI

Tackled in event were the following: process of the agricultural technology and extension (AES) service providers in terms of delivering their gargets, reasons of variances between…

Conduct of the End-of-Project Evaluation for the WB-AusAID Technical Assistance Grant to MRDP2

The Mindanao Rural Development Program (MRDP) – Ada[table Program Loan Phase 2 (APL2) is a recipient of Technical Assistance Grant (TA) from the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID). This grant is entitled “Technical Assistawnce for Governance Reforms Supporting Frontline Agricultural Services Investment Delivery”.

Based on the Terms of Reference (TOR) of the Project Completion Report TA grant co-financed the capacity-building activities to “strengthen the institutional capacity of the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the participating local government units (LGUs) in the trust to operationalize a decentralized…



May Report 2014

aprilCoal-Fired Power Plant: Monitoring the Construction Progress and Other Preparatory Activities Prior to Operation.

The Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU), through the University Community Engagement and Advocacy Council (UCEAC) and the Institute for Socio-Economic Development Initiatives (ISEDI), is part of the MultiPartite Monitoring Team (MMT). The team is organized to encourage public participation, promote greater stakeholder vigilance and provide appropriate check and balance mechanisms in the monitoring of project implementation.

DAR-ARCCESS: Monitoring Progress and Process in the Provision of Agri-Extension Services to Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organizations in Davao Region

Attended BoD and GA meeting, ISEDI gave brief orientation on PPM and AES for DAR-ARCCESS Project. Imparted the importance to sustain their organization and encouraged them to continue what they have started despite all the ups and downs they experienced which, eventually, will hone them to become more effective, efficient and stronger organization.

Attended various meetings conducted in respective Provinces…

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April 2014 Report


ISEDI commEncES BDS actIvItIES In zamBoanga pEnInSula

It’s now official! ISEDI has signed on as Department of Agrarian Reform – Region 9’s (otherwise known as the Zamboanga Peninsula) new partner for the project: Agrarian Reform Community Connectivity and Economic Support Services (ARCCESS). Last April 12-13, 2014, Ms. Jocelyn E. Cabo together with the Filed Team Leader (FTL) Ms. Mary Ann D. Porquillo and four (4) CBEOs visited the provincial offices of DAR in Region IX and formally signed the contracts.

This project becomes ISEDI’s second engagement on the project ARCCESS — the first one is well on its mid-way mark, with ISEDI providing the Process and Progress Monitoring for the Davao Region.

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March 2014 Report

Untitled1Regional Dialogue on Creating More and Better Jobs

The Institute for Socio-Economic Development Initiatives (ISEDI) was invited to attend the World Bank-sponsored “Regional Dialogue on Creating More and Better Jobs”, held last March 4 in Davao City.
The activity aimed to provide a venue for an indepth dialogue on strategies that would address the challenges of creating more and better jobs.

Further, the dialogue also emphasized the need for the different stakeholders to work together to support the jobs agenda.

NGO Selection of Representatives to the Local Special Bodies

ISEDI was invited by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to participate in the NGO election of representatives to the Local Special Bodies (LSB) last March 6, 2014 at the Garden Oases, Davao City. The LSB is part of the provisions of the Local Government Code, requiring each local government unit (LGU) to encourage and enable the active people participation through organized representation in local legislation and in the planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of local programs and projects.


February 2014 Report

UntitledProject: Process and Project Monitoring for DAR-ARCCESS

For its project with the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), ISEDI monitored the activities of the Development Options and Social Entrepreneurship (DOSE) and Baba’s Foundation, Inc. (BFI) as they capacitate the Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Organizations (ARBOs)

The type of activities centered on Direction Setting and Business Planning for banana and rice-producing ARBOs in Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley. The ARBOs were also taught on how to handle properly their common service facilities, i.e. tractor, thresher and flatbed dryer.

ARBOs in Davao del Sur attended a training on vermiculture while the ARBOs in Davao City received advisory services on preparing Business Plan on Cassava Flour Production and Marketing, and Cacap Production Technology.


November 2013 Report

Community Extension Activities

Untitled• ISEDI is a host once again to AdDU 4 Marketing Students and AIESEC exchange student from Sri Lanka for their practicum. An orientation and expectation setting activities have already been conducted for both groups.

• The ADDU Students were brought to Tibungco for their community exposure with ISEDI assisted community –SMSNAI. Prior to the students’ community exposure, a coordination activity was conducted by ISEDI with the officers of SMSNAI.

Baseline Studies under the AusAID-WB Technical Assistance Grant to MRDP 2

ISEDI revised the final report based on MRDP comments and recommendation comprising of the four (4) components of MRDP-2 namely: Rural Infrastructure (RI), Community Fund for Agricultural Development (CFAD); and, Natural Resources Management (NRM). The fourth component, Investment for Governance Reform (IGR) is expected to integrate the results of these baseline studies as one of the bases for the continuous enhancement …

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October 2013 Report


3423ISEDI joined the SMSNAI community in celebrating its’ 16th year founding anniversary with fun activities such as dance contest , search for little Ms. SMSNAI 2013 and a contest on “Community Clean up Drive” where residents competed per block in cleaning up their surroundings and decorated them with flowering plants . The contests declared two (2) winners per block and were awarded with prizes in the form of grocery items

This year’s anniversary was participated in by more residents who expressed that they felt more inspired in knowing that they were the ones planning for the activity.

BALIK UMA: A Sustainable Agriculture Production Program and Rainforestation for Food Security & Community Resilience


Some of the challenges posed to the project were the infestation of pangyaw, leaf rollers and black bugs affecting about 45 hectares of corn and rice fields in Sitio Side 4/Bermuda, Compostela and the infestation of monkeys in Sitio Letter V, Monkayo.


September 2013 Report


DSCF2987Improving Access to Water

The Sitios Letter V and S4/Bermuda in Compostela, Compostela Valley will finally have safe source of drinking water. After identifying a source of water and computing the distance  here most of the households are concentrated, the people in Letter V and S4/Bermuda did a “bayanihan”, helped the Project Officers of Balik Uma, in carrying the water hoses and other materials. They also assisted in hose-line installation, setting of the intake box, and fitting of the coupling and reducer. The task was completed in 9 days, from September 5 to 13, 2013. Now, about175 households and other 250 individuals have accessed to safe drinking water, relieving women girls and children of the responsibility of fetching water from distant and unsafe sources.

DSC00128Improving Farm Practices  

Household in the project sites are starting to see the fruits of their own hard work, the corn and vegetables are growing well. The farmers and their household members are also learning new farming techniques that will maximize the fertility of the soil and prevent erosion.


SMSNAI ISEDI attended and witnessed the committee meeting held at the officeof the committee chair on City Housing, Davao City last September 27, 2013. It was discussed and clarified in the meeting -the status of the replacers including the role of the association (SMSNAI) in the identification and consideration of replacers.